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[PDF] ✈ Above the Dreamless Dead  By Chris Duffy – Submitsites.info As The Great War Dragged On And Its Catastrophic Death Toll Mounted, A New Artistic Movement Found Its Feet In The United Kingdom The Trench Poets, As They Came To Be Called, Were Soldier Poets Dispatching Their Verse From The Front Lines Known For Its Rejection Of War As A Romantic Or Noble Enterprise, And Its Plainspoken Condemnation Of The Senseless Bloodshed Of War, Trench Poetry Soon Became One Of The Most Significant Literary Moments Of Its Decade The Marriage Of Poetry And Comics Is A Deeply Fruitful Combination, As Evidenced By This Collection In Stark Black And White, The Words Of The Trench Poets Find Dramatic Expression And Reinterpretation Through The Minds And Pens Of Some Of The Greatest Cartoonists Working Today.With New York Times Bestselling Editor Chris Duffy Nursery Rhyme Comics, Fairy Tale Comics At The Helm, Above The Dreamless Dead Is A Moving And Illuminating Tribute To Those Who Fought And Died In World War I Twenty Poems Are Interpreted In Comics Form By Twenty Of Today S Leading Cartoonists, Including Eddie Campbell, Kevin Huizenga, George Pratt, And Many Others.

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  1. First Second Books First Second Books says:

    When our editor, Calista Brill, came into the office fired up about trench poetry, I had no idea what she was talking about Two and a half years later, I m so glad that I ve gotten the chance to learnabout this really fascinating category of writing poetry written from the trenches of World War I And I m glad that with

  2. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    This year is the 100th anniversary of the Great War, the war to end all wars, ha And who of us knows much about it Jane Addams, once the most famous woman in America, was vilified for taking a position that the war could have been avoided, of course she was right, and she was later hollowly vindicated, in a way, by being award t

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    High school teachers, use this book I would have loved to use this when I taught history and English I went through a stage in my 20s when I read a lot of the World War I poets Sassoon and Brooke mostly But, whoa, this version rocks So easy to incorporate into the classroom In the introduction, Duffy notes that many Americans don t know

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    World War I is a bit of a black hole for most people, both historically and literarily This brief and lovely collection edited by Chris Duffy sets about to shine a little light on those dark times, featuring twenty seven poems or songs by thirteen of the so called Trench Poets Each poem is interpreted by a cartoonist, only a couple of whom pull d

  5. April April says:

    Above The Dreamless Dead is one of those books that is worth reading no matter the format, although I think that the physical copy is worth reading for the tactile experience.Read the rest of my review here

  6. Mark Flowers Mark Flowers says:

    Starred review from SLJ Plus read my interview with George Pratt, here are various dates given as the first day of World War I, from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, to the first shots fired by Austro Hungarian soldiers on July 28 to the August 4th declaration of war by the British Empire, signalling the truly world wide stretch of t

  7. David David says:

    3.75 I love poetry, definitely enjoy a good graphic novel and teach history, so I thought this was going to be right up my alley I did enjoy it, but I was surprised to realize that combining the poems with a graphic novel just didn t quite work for me The poems seemed disjointed as they were split up over different panels and the artwork really distracted me from the overa

  8. M M says:

    Editor Chris Duffy merges words and images in this unique look at World War I Poems from the soldiers, authors, and writers from that era are paired with a contemporary artist, tasked with illustrating the messages contained with While a unique experiment, the book s engaging premise is also its downfall Many of the poems are capable of generating their own mental imagery, yet they

  9. Rebekah Gordon Rebekah Gordon says:

    What a fantastic idea I would never have encountered most all of these WWI poems if not for this book, and some of them are really beautiful and will stick with me for a long time As with all anthologies, I liked some of the poem comic chapters here better than others, especially because there were so many elements that had to all come together here to make it work, but there were a handful

  10. Sam Sam says:

    Now I m not a big poetry reader and often manage to completely miss the point of such things but these poems and the illustrations that accompany them broke through that and brought the horrors, difficulties and humours of war clearly and vividly to mind The poems were written by the troops on the ground during the First World War as they were stuck in the trenches while the illustrations came later

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