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➫ Dare to Disappoint  Read ➳ Author Ozge Samanci – Submitsites.info Growing Up On The Aegean Coast, Ozge Loved The Sea And Imagined A Life Of Adventure While Her Parents And Society Demanded Predictability Her Dad Expected Ozge, Like Her Sister, To Become An Engineer She Tried To Hear Her Own Voice Over His And The Religious And Militaristic Tensions Of Turkey And The Conflicts Between Secularism And Fundamentalism Could She Be A Scuba Diver Like Jacques Cousteau A Stage Actress Would It Be Possible To Please Everyone Including Herself In Her Unpredictable And Funny Graphic Memoir, Ozge Recounts Her Story Using Inventive Collages, Weaving Together Images Of The Sea, Politics, Science, And Friendship.

10 thoughts on “Dare to Disappoint

  1. Lola Reviewer Lola Reviewer says:

    I m sure we ve all read books about people who deny themselves happiness because of their parents expectations Or maybe because they think that what their parents want for them will make them happy i

  2. Ludmilla Ludmilla says:

    B rak z ls nler, evrilmesini heyecanla bekledi im bir kitapt leti im den kaca n ve fiyat n n bu olaca n tahmin etsem 49 TL gibi bir rakamdan bahsediyoruz beklemez, al r okurdum Neyse, B rak z ls nler, 80 sonr

  3. Russell Taylor Russell Taylor says:

    Dare to Disappoint Growing up in Turkey felt like it should have been a longer tale zge Samanci s early years are richly detailed as the protagonist ages, though, the granularity of the narrative stretches out, with d

  4. Evren Bay Evren Bay says:

    Bir zmirli ve Bo azi i matematik b l m mezunu biri olarak kendimden ok ey buldu um bir kitap oldu u i in biraz yanl bir de erlendime olabilir Bir de Amerika da uzun bir s re ya am ve benzer eyleri T rkiye li olmayan arkada lar

  5. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    A graphic memoir about growing up in Turkey by now Chicagoan artist Samanci I knew very little about Turkey so was interested Also, it begs comparisons with Persepolis, as we get history of Turkey and the extent to which totalitarianis

  6. Yeliz Yeliz says:

    evirisini merakla bekliyordum Okurken ocuklu uma gen li ime d nd m Otobiyografik bir romandan bir neslin kar n a r lar na n fuz etmi , ok ba ar l.

  7. Raina Raina says:

    How much do outsiders know about the country of Turkey Here, a professor from Northwestern University tells what it was like to grow up in Turkey She follows her early life, starting in 1981 before she started school , and ends during college as she loo

  8. Barb Middleton Barb Middleton says:

    This graphic novel is well done, but I ll have to send it up to the middle school library as it is too young adult for elementary students Ozge Samanci s minimalist illustrations and dry sense of humor make this an excellent look into what it was like growing up

  9. Dogukan Dogukan says:

    Here is the thing Masterly drawn, and beautifully written, the book leaves you with a sense of incompleteness and a delusion that it should have been longer, braver and fuller, a much intended delusion aimed at and kept as a secret from you throughout the book victorious

  10. Leylak Dalı Leylak Dalı says:

    Bir k z ocu unun T rkiye de b y me ve meslek se me yk s izgilerle ancak bu kadar g zel anlat l rd

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