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BOOKS ✯ Good Riddance: An Illustrated Memoir of Divorce Author Cynthia Copeland – When You Think You Live In A Norman Rockwell Painting Married Years, Three Kids, Beautiful Old House In The Country, Successful Career As A Writer You Don T Expect There S Another Side To The Canvas Until You Read A Lovesick E Mail To Your Husband That Didn T Come From You Good Riddance Is An Honest And Funny Graphic Memoir About Suffering Through And Surviving Divorce Cynthia Copeland Chronicles The Deep Pain, Confusion, Awkwardness, And Breakthroughs She Experiences In The New Normal As A Wife Who S Been Deceived, A Mom Who S Now Single, A Divorc E Who S Dating, And A Woman Who S On Her Own Figuring Out What She Truly Wants From Her Life Copeland Tells Her Story With An Emotional Candor And Spot On Humor That Makes Good Riddance Poignant, Painful, And Hilarious All At Once Praise For Good RiddanceCopeland S Light Hearted And Comical Artwork, Reminiscent Of Roz Chast S, Takes Some Of The Sting Out Of Her Sorrows, Allowing Readers To Nod In Sympathy Or Chuckle At Her Missteps Publishers WeeklyEven As She Tells A Story That Is Sometimes Heartbreaking, Copeland Has A Way Of Making You Laugh Out Loud Full Of Insight About Family, Friendship, Love, And Resilience, Good Riddance Is Essential Reading For Anyone Who Has Ever Gone Through A Divorce J Courtney Sullivan, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Maine AndCommencement Copeland Takes Us Gently Through A Tough Chronicle Of Divorce With Wit, Humor And Than A Little Hope Phoebe Potts, Author Of Good Eggs For Anyone Who S Ever Been Dumped And Had To Start Over, This Charming Book Should Be Required Reading Grab A Glass Ok, Bottle Of Wine And Settle In There S A Light At The End Of Your Tunnel And It Starts WithGood Riddance Jill Smokler, New York Times Bestselling Author Copeland Has A Charming Art Style And Because Of Her Experience In The Self Help Instructional Publishing Field, She Brings A Welcome Specificity To The Subject Good Riddance Isn T A Rant Against Cheating Spouses It S A Step By Step Breakdown On How It Feels To Have A Comfortable Life Upended Overnight The AV Club I Was Struck By A Page On Which Copeland Sends Her Youngest Off For His First Overnight In The Home Of TJ And His New Wife The Author Artist Uses Just A Few Words And Images To Convey An Entire World Of Maternal Despair Copeland And Other Graphic Memoirists Have Me Convinced That Illustrated Books Unlike Trix Aren T Just For Kids Any AARP Works Such As Copeland S Deserve Your Attention Even If You Aren T Married Or Divorced, Because The Human Experience Can Be Entertaining And Moving ComicMix

10 thoughts on “Good Riddance: An Illustrated Memoir of Divorce

  1. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    If you ever get the urge to write a graphic memoir of your divorce, don t do it And if you ever feel the need to put a double page spread of your reaction to 9 11 in that graphic memoir, don t do that either I can t stress this enough.This book is probably as good as a book about a subject that is literally only of interest to the author and her family can be There are a couple of funny parts, such as th

  2. Heather Heather says:

    Whether you have gone through a divorce or are just looking for a quirky graphic novel with a lot of heart, I highly recommend this candid and heartwarming memoir.Both accessible and refreshingly off beat, this grown up graphic novel walks readers through Copeland s experience of divorce and brings them through the heartbreak for an empowering story of resilience even after a world shattering event The gra

  3. Kirsti Kirsti says:

    I decided to read this because of the bad reviews, which I suspected I would disagree with, and I was right.The author is too self centered This is a memoir.She is sometimes nasty She is a human being who went through a rotten experience Not the worst experience anyone has ever gone through, but a miserable and destabilizing time.She sometimes mentions personal information about others So what She waited man

  4. Laura Laura says:

    This was a captivating read I found sad, hopeful, and very authentic Too many times, when divorce cannot be avoided, the people telling of it try to slap a bunch of happy unicorns on it and act like it was the best thing ever I especially liked Ms Copeland s honesty, in how she showed that even when you get a new happy ending, there s still lingering sadness and grief over the death of a marriage, and that s n

  5. Emilia P Emilia P says:

    This is how you do a cartoon memoir Copeland really storyboarded this thing before she wrote it, and it shows it s fascinating, honest, fair, and emotional but not manipulative And her cartooning stylecartoony than artsy, but happily so, worked well with the way she told her story I dunno, I just though she did a good job involving me without asking me to take a side or feel a certain way, and that really made i

  6. Sasha Boersma Sasha Boersma says:

    It feels like most graphic novel memoirs are from young adults dwelling on coming of age Or of men coming to terms with being human The unintended symbolism of reading Good Riddance on International Women s Day is kind of nice To read the story of a woman in her 40s going through a difficult event one that many adults, not just women go through But to have it written so honestly in the female voice using a medium

  7. Kricket Kricket says:

    i think this is the one andrea told me not to read YOU WERE RIGHT ANDREA what can i say, sometimes i like to torture myself and read sad stories about break ups, kind of like other people watch horror movies for a good scare TJ was an emotionally illiterate turd and cynthia was a clingy doormat sad story, but only took about an hour to read.

  8. Jeff Jeff says:

    This wouldn t have helped me get through my divorce I wonder if writers get the ok from family and friends to put them into books Things others may want to keep private Anyway, some may enjoy this but there must be better books on the subject I think taking walks and listening to Bob Dylan s Blood on the Tracks was muchhelpful and enjoyable.

  9. Maggie Maggie says:

    This book was like an okay cup of tea A little bit bitter but still rather good in the end If divorces are all like this, you re probably better off single Not my usual read, but definitely interesting. Won from Goodreads Giveaway

  10. Gloria Gloria says:

    Simple, charming illustrations enhance the text.

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