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[Reading] ➮ How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial ➶ Darryl Cunningham – Submitsites.info Is Hydro Fracking Safe Is Climate Change Real Did The Moon Landing Actually Happen How About Evolution Fact Or Fiction Author Illustrator Darryl Cunningham Looks At These And Other Hot Button Science Topics And Presents A Fact Based, Visual Assessment Of Current Thinking And Research On Eight Different Issues Everybody S Arguing About His Lively Storytelling Approach Incorporates Comics, Photographs, And Diagrams To Create Substantive But Easily Accessible Reportage Cunningham S Distinctive Illustrative Style Shows How Information Is Manipulated By All Sides His Easy To Follow Narratives Allow Readers To Draw Their Own Fact Based Conclusions A Graphic Milestone Of Investigative Journalism

10 thoughts on “How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial

  1. Melki Melki says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however, everyone is not entitled to their own facts Michael Specter, an intelligent manFacts.You can t argue with em, but DAMN some people sure do tryIn this book that is meant to build a case for critical thinking and the scientific process itself, Cunningham chews through the myth of homeopathy, slices and dices chiropractors and vaccination naysayers, and grinds to a pulp evoluti

  2. Nikki Stafford Nikki Stafford says:

    This book aside from the fact that the graphic novel format isn t used to the best of its capacity is a study in contradictions Cunningham sets out, as he says in the introduction, to show the difference between science and pseudoscience in an attempt to show us that in the 21st century, with a wealth of information at our fingertips, we need to question everything we read We need to be wary of those who rely on information they gle

  3. Sesana Sesana says:

    This was quite an unusual book by me Cunningham uses the graphic novel format to use science to refute some sadly common areas of severe misinformation There s the moon landing hoax stuff that the title mentions, plus quite a few other things, including chiropractic, immunizations, evolution, and even fracking I greatly appreciated the fracking article, because I felt like it did a good job of explaining exactly what the process is as well

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Yes, five stars Not because it s perfect, but because everyone should read it Even I, who didn t believe in any of these myths, learned a few things, including how thoroughly debunked the myths have been Very clearly presented evidence but with the focus always on the scientific method and on skepticism From the introduction This book is pro science and pro critical thinking We know the scientific process can be relied on, because, if it couldn t b

  5. Philip Philip says:

    This book discusses a number of science related issues, following in the footsteps of Ben Goldacre, Simon Singh et al Cunningham touches upon topics such as climate change, evolution, the moon landings, the whole MMR hooplah and homeopathy to name but a few Unlike Goldacre, Singh etc, he does so through the medium of comics.First the science content The first thing to mention is that there isn t much of it You could probably gleaninformation from a cursory

  6. Jien Jien says:

    This loses two stars for inaccuracies in one section Overall, I liked this book The information was not new to me, all subjects I have previously researched extensively through legitimate, well establish scientific journals The comic style was fun and narratives well written, the chapter on fracking however had some serious issues For one thing, when I examined the sources listed in the back of the book, I was surprised and how few fracking sources were peer revie

  7. Leigh Collazo Leigh Collazo says:

    More reviews at Mrs ReaderPants.WHAT I LIKED The format It s graphic nonfiction Very readable and interesting and accessible for reluctant readers I hope we see manybooks like this published in the coming years It has classroom applications I would love to use this with a high school global perspectives or debate class I d divide the students into groups of four, and let each group pick and debate their favorite issue This would be an excellent segue into a position paper

  8. Amy Amy says:

    dang it sounded like a good idea sort of the opposite thing to what the science or history channel puts out these days conspiracy theories and fantastical claims investigated with too much benefit of the doubt Who doesn t love to hear crazy conspiracy stuff the moon landing was faked and find out what the line of thinking is there, and then to take it apart reasonably and rationally And it s a graphic novel count me in Unfortunately, except for a couple of the items addressed moo

  9. Emilia P Emilia P says:

    Oh Darryl The preaching to choir iest of choir preachers I m reading this on the heels of his book on Ayn Rand and the Financial Crisis, and appreciate that this touches onvaried subjectsbriefly, and uses photographic panels to some effect, but like his other thing, there s a lot of monotonous and ineffective panel work and a whole bunch of Science Is The Only Thing That Could Ever Possibly Be Right But the stuff about homeopathy and chiropractic practice as quack science kiiiind Oh Darr

  10. Raina Raina says:

    I just do not connect with Cunningham s work I m actually pretty surprised that I gave Psychiatric Tales three stars, because I don t remember liking it at all This one has been getting a lot of buzz, and has a great cover, so I decided to try it and suggest it for a book group I m in despite my negative feelings about his previous work.And yeah, I learned a few things About the history of Homeopathy, and Chiropractic treatment oh, and about how the moon landing couldn t have been faked, I just

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