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!!> PDF ✯ My Favorite Things  ⚣ Author Maira Kalman – Submitsites.info From Maira Kalman, The Author Of The Bestsellers The Principles Of Uncertainty And The Elements Of Style, Comes This Beautiful Pictorial And Narrative Exploration Of The Significance Of Objects In Our Lives, Drawn From Her Personal Artifacts, Recollections, And Selections From The Collection Of The Cooper Hewitt, National Design MuseumWith Than Fifty Original Paintings And Featuring Bestselling Author And Illustrator Maira Kalman S Signature Handwritten Prose, My Favorite Things Is A Poignant And Witty Meditation On The Importance Of Both Quotidian And Unusual Objects In Our Culture And Private Worlds.Created In The Same Colorful, Engaging, And Insightful Style As Her Previous Works, Which Have Won Her Fans Around The World, My Favorite Things Features Than Fifty Objects From Both The Cooper Hewitt And Kalman S Personal Collections The Pocket Watch Abraham Lincoln Was Carrying When He Was Shot, Original Editions Of Winnie The Pooh And Alice In Wonderland, A Handkerchief In Memoriam Of Queen Victoria, An Ingo Maurer Lamp, Rietveld S Z Chair, A Pair Of Toscanini S Pants, And Photographs Kalman Has Taken Of People Walking Towards And Away From Her A Pictorial Index Provides Photographs Of The Actual Objects And A Short Description Of Them, Enhancing The Reading Experience.As It Speaks To The Universal Experience And Importance Of Beloved Objects In Our Lives Big And Small, Famous And Private This Unique Work Is A Fresh Way Of Examining And Understanding Our Society, History, Culture, And Ourselves.

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Rhode Rhode says:

    Maira Kalman s books and art make me feel rapturous I m just so glad to be on the same planet and even be the same species as this artist who just gets it I can t explain what it is she gets But she does She gets it And then she explains it And you get it too And then you smile I bought two copies of this book, one for myself and one for a f...

  2. Michael Berman Michael Berman says:

    A charming, moving book that purports to be about the beauty and elegance of things taken from the Cooper Hewitt museum, the author s life, and memory but is really about love, loss, and life.

  3. Elizabeth A Elizabeth A says:

    Every time I read a book by Maira Kalman, I want to invite the author over for tea and crumpets Or maybe a glass of sherry She sees the world in a way that most of us adults lose touch with as we drape ourselves in our serious grownup adult cloaks And our lives are the sadder for it This picture book for adults contains paintings, photos, and wonderfully quirky text by the author We surround ourselves with objects, but how often do we really look at them The author does ju

  4. Kate Kate says:

    Beautiful art and writing as always, but I found the subject matter to be a little hollow compared to her other work.

  5. Cat Cat says:

    A student gave me this book as a gift, and I am so grateful he did, not only because I loved it but also because Kalman s rhapsodic quirkiness will now forever be married in my mind with this student s wit, aestheticism, and eclectic memory and imagination The student and Kalman share the feeling that objects are luminous beyond themselves, not only because they attest to the lives of people who came before us and thus in some way both memorialize and undercut their loss but also becaus

  6. Mycala Mycala says:

    How much fun would it be to be invited to curate a collection at a museum This book is about Maira s adventure doing just that She took an entire year to curate a collection of items that made her gasp Then she drew and painted them in her book Granted, my standards for gasping are clearly different than hers but I love the way she tosses in personal stories like the one about her mother being rescued from drowning by her grandfather and his beard The accompanying picture she pain...

  7. Sally Anderson Sally Anderson says:

    Read in one gloomy morning over coffee Brilliant Absolutely Isn t that the only way to curate a life To live among things that make you gasp with delight There are some rooms, real or imagined, some moments, some aspects of light, that haunt you Oh my godddddd The ability to take a...

  8. Bridgett Bridgett says:

    A friend sent me this book for my birthday because she knows me so well I couldn t put it down It s beautiful and compelling a true delight I read it twice, and now my husband is reading it twice.

  9. Ilse O& Ilse O& says:

    This felt like an anthology of things in the author s life and how those things are inextricably linked to memories and stories Stirred my own memories and stories of things, too.

  10. Carmen Carmen says:

    Here is another countess The Countess of Castiglione.I cannot take my eyes off her.So exhausted So broken And maybe not.Happy and sad.Hopeless and hopeful.We are alive End of story.We are alive and that is glorious all we have.This is a very odd book.Kalman is hired to curate an exhibit at at Cooper Hewitt and she takes this opportunity to write a book about objects and what they mean to her.The book is disjointed and doesn t make much sense, but that s supposed to be charming, I guess There Here is another countess The

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