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➶ Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me Free ➬ Author Harvey Pekar – Submitsites.info Harvey Pekar S Mother Was A Zionist By Way Of Politics His Father Was A Zionist By Way Of Faith Whether Harvey Was Going To Daily Hebrew Classes Or Attending Zionist Picnics, He Grew Up A Staunch Supporter Of The Jewish State But Soon He Found Himself Questioning The Very Beliefs And Ideals Of His ParentsIn Not The Israel My Parents Promised Me, The Final Graphic Memoir From The Man Who Defined The Genre, Pekar Explores What It Means To Be Jewish And What Israel Means To The Jews Over The Course Of A Single Day In His Hometown Of Cleveland, Ohio, Pekar And The Illustrator JT Waldman Wrestle With The Mythologies And Realities Surrounding The Jewish Homeland Pekar Interweaves His Increasing Disillusionment With The Modern State Of Israel With A Comprehensive History Of The Jewish People From Biblical Times To The Present, And The Result Is A Personal And Historical Odyssey Of Uncommon Power Plainspoken And Empathetic, Pekar Had No Patience For Injustice And Prejudice In Any Form, And Though He Comes To Understand The Roots Of His Parents Unquestioning Love For Israel, He Arrives At The Firm Belief That All Peoples Should Be Held To The Same Universal Standards Of Decency, Fairness, And DemocracyWith An Epilogue Written By Joyce Brabner, Not The Israel My Parents Promised Me Is An Essential Book For Fans Of Harvey Pekar And Anyone Interested In The Past And Future Of The Jewish State It Is Bound To Create Important Discussions And Debates For Years To Come

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  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    Do you remember Havey Pekar lifelong Clevelander, Veteran s Administration file clerk, and comic book writer who appeared on Letterman a half a dozen times in the late 80 s Or perhaps you remember American Splendor 2003 , the movie of his life starring Paul Giamatti and Hope Davis as the eccentric Harvey and his wife Joyce Brabner

  2. Carla Carla says:

    So I ll admit that I can t give an unbiased review of this work I worked at the Cleveland Heights Library when Harvey came in as a patron, and I was there the day he brought J.T in for a tour Carole She really looks like that, and is that fabulous And when she and J.T go upstairs, it s to visit my graphic novel collection.I feel that

  3. Mariel Mariel says:

    Harvey Pekar s widow Joyce Brabner is knelt on the ground with a memorial, in the afterward Not the Israel My Parents Promised me was published two years after his death It is a tombstone pulpit that reaches its voice from somewhere not quite the gut A gizzard choking voice, maybe Her husband s father was in the ground before they met

  4. Chazzbot Chazzbot says:

    Pekar s last graphic novel is part history lesson, part conversation with a reliably irascible personality, one whose obsessions and opinions are well known to his fans Here, Pekar recounts the long, troubled history of the Jewish people and the state of Israel while offering his viewpoint on how Israel has painted itself into a moral an

  5. Tom Tom says:

    Three books in one, really The first is a condensed history of the Jews, from Abraham to roughly last week And by condensed, I mean the Cliff Notes version, or maybe the Cliff Notes of the Cliff Notes But it s pretty good, as far as it goes, and it has the best artwork.The second book is the story of how Harvey Pekar s thinking on Israel e

  6. Mao Mao says:

    A lovingly made, whistle stop tour of the history of the Jewish people and the State of Israel A thoroughly enjoyable read

  7. Dave Dave says:

    In many ways this was Not the Book My Expectations Promised Me I think I gave it 3 stars out of sentimentality The book is basically a graphic portrayal of a long conversation that the illustrator had with Pekar over the course of a day with a separate epilogue done by Pekar s widow Were thereconversations planned that were interrupted by Peka

  8. Russell Grant Russell Grant says:

    I believe this is the final project Pekar was working before passing away As such it really feels like a companion to Cleveland in that with the two books you really get a feeling for who Harvey was as a person That said, I preferred Clevelandsince this one is primarily a history of Israel as seen through Harveys eyes I mostly agree with his opi

  9. Dov Zeller Dov Zeller says:

    I always like reading Harvey Pekar because of the conversations he opens up It is as if he is having a dialogue with himself, his illustrators and his readers all at once while arguing with history, everyone, and his own system of beliefs It seems he wants to believe the world is different than it is and is disappointed in general and waiting to h

  10. Louise Louise says:

    Author Harvey Pekar shows how his parents presented Israel to him with idealism and sincerity As a boy he sees his parents thrilled as Israel wins its War of Independence As he grows older he sees why the Palestinians call the very same war, The Catastrophe.The graphic and conversational formats force an economy of words that boils this complex stor

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