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Free ↠ The Family Journal By Carolyn Brown – Join The Millions Who Have Fallen In Love With New York Times Bestselling Author Carolyn Brown In Her Landmark Hundredth Novel At The End Of Her Rope, Single Mom Lily Anderson Is Determined To Move Her Rebellious Children In The Right Direction That Means Taking Away Their Cell Phones, Tablets, And Computers At Least Temporarily And Moving To The House Where Lily Grew Up In The Rural Town Of Comfort, Texas But Lily Has A Bigger Challenge Than Two Sulking KidsThe House Comes With Mack Cooper, High School Teacher And Handsome Longtime Renter The Arrangement Just Housemates But Mack S Devoted Attention To The Kids Starts To Warm Lily S Resistant Heart Then Lily Finds An Old Leather Bound Book In Which Five Generations Of Her Female Ancestors Shared Their Struggles And Dreams To Lily, It S A Bracing Reminder About The Importance Of Family And LoveNow It S Time For Lily To Add An Adventurous New Chapter To The Cherished Family Journal By Embracing A Fresh Start And Taking A Chance On A Man Who Could Make Her House A Home

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  1. Amary Chapman Amary Chapman says:

    A sweet heartwarming tale of generations of strong women Lily Anderson has reached the end of her rope After getting divorced by her cheating ex Wyatt, who was aninterested in his rich new wife than his kids, she found out, to her dismay, she didn t know her kids as well as she thought Packing them up and returning to the small town in a desperate attempt to get closer and change their path was the be

  2. Jane Jane says:

    The Family Journal is a beautiful story about roots and new beginnings As Lily and her teenage daughter, Holly explore the entries in an old journal they each come to realize just how precious life its own self is Readers will experience a whole range of emotions and perhaps shed a few tears Parents everywhere can relate to Lily s struggles as a parent as she stands firm in her tough love posture taking her ch

  3. Carol Deegan Carol Deegan says:

    I have enjoyed all of Carolyn Brown s books I have read, and this book is no exception Lily Anderson finds her children s bad behavior and attitudes unacceptable, and temporarily moves them to Comfort, Texas, to the home she grew up in The kids initially hate the move, but soon they grow to love their new surroundings and don t want to leave Lily finds a journal passed down through the years by the females in her famil

  4. Janilyn Kocher Janilyn Kocher says:

    I love the concept of this novel Lily moved her children back to her hometown as they were getting into all sorts of trouble She moves into her family home which happens to already have a renter I thought that part was a little hokey, that a renter would just say oh ok, threepeople are moving in Lily finds a journal that has been kept by her female ancestors for over s century She shares the discovery with her daughter Each of

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